A tremendous growth area for Hanson & Beards Ltd, and one of increasing importance.

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With the apartments, and large flatted developments now making up an ever larger proportion of the residential housing market nationwide, this is a growth area for Hanson & Beards Ltd and one of increasing importance to the business, year on year.

Pure functionality has been overtaken by the dictates of fashion as doors and doorsets have been elevated to the status of integral furniture in contemporary interior design. Working both in standard and storey height sizes, has given Hanson & Beards Ltd the opportunity to produce an exciting range of hardwood products, in a variety of colours, incorporating limitless variations of veneer layouts and decorative inserts to provide the widest possible choice of different panel effects.

The limits of imagination provide the only barrier to what a designer can achieve for today's residential market. Hanson & Beards Ltd has the advantage in being able to offer a vast range of bespoke designs in all sizes and configurations, their aesthetic appeal underpinned by the assurance that every model can be safely certified asĀ conforming to FD30 Secured by Design and acoustic performance standards.

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